First Fridays @ The Triangle (Westchester, CA) - 6/3/15 5:30pm

  • 6200 West 87th Street Los Angeles, CA, 90045 United States

1st Friday @ The Triangle


14 Food Trucks.
An empty stomach.
Let's do this!!

I've often been turned off by going to one of these First Friday type events because it ends up becoming more of a First Regret of the Month serenaded with outbursts of "Dang it - where is there parking?" "Why are the lines so long?!?!" "I'm soooo hungry." (you know I'm talking about you - Abbot Kinney First Fridays)

So if you're dipping your toes into Food Truck events and have little patience like me for getting food in your belly then Westchester FF is the place to be. It starts around 4pm and goes until 9:30pm. The hubs and I had a great time walking from truck truck checking out the menus and chatting with some of the owners. We eventually settled on the Ragin Cajun truck and the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck. Granted, the food itself wasn't mind boggling but the event was fun, lines were short, it was fairly easy to find a table to eat at, parking was a breeze and I left with a big ol' smile on my face....I'll definitely be back to see what new trucks rotate through!" - Yelp Review